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On a Tuesday

Tuesday, January 10, 1939

10th Day–355 Days to Follow

Went to help return the cafeteria dishes. Saw Mrs. Grimes & Melva. Stopped to see Alta. Went to choir practice. Sang at Musicians Club.

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What, I wonder, is Musicians Club? It likely has something to do with church, but I’m intrigued. And these names…will we see a resurgence of Melvas and Altas sometime in the future? Were they the Kayeleighs and Brookelynnes of her day?

I did some baking today, just to use up some of the juice pulp. Then I promptly ate about six of the little muffin cookies (muffies? cookins? i don’t know what to call them yet)…or maybe it was eight. They’re small, and have a lot of kale in them, but yeah. My tongue has that sugar shock thing going on. Next time I’ll use less sugar and see if they are still palatable.

Tonight I went with my roommate to her sister and brother in law’s house to babysit their four kiddos. We tag-teamed it, and did pretty well. The baby was in bed about 10 minutes earlier than normal, since she was kind of whiney and already chugging down her bedtime bottle, which left the three older kids to entertain. I took the boys and introduced them to scrabble, and they loved it. It shocked the crap out of me, since they are seven and nine, but I guess any new game is fun when your little sister is too young to play. We abandoned the game after about 10 or so rounds, when they all wanted to jam on the electric guitar. No amps at 11, not with the baby snoring upstairs. They got the nighttime goofies and we again split them up for the chore of brushing teeth. The oldest put himself to bed, while my roommate snuggled with her niece for awhile and I combed my fingers through the youngest boy’s hair after his cries of “I can’t even sleep.” Yeah, standing up at the window eagerly watching for your mother isn’t really sleep-inducing..weird, right? When everyone was quiet at last we sketched things with markers and sang along with old Amy Grant songs, creating our own Musicians Club of Awesomeness. Or Offkeyedness, I can’t decide which.

When we left their place just after 10 the car was already frozen over. We drove home with chattering teeth and are off to our respective beds to wait for tomorrow, when I hope to have positive news to share. For now, sleep calls. And also those muffie cookins, but I tucked them safely away for the night.

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Pains in the…

Sunday, January 8, 1939


8th Day–357 Days to Follow

Had a crick in my back, and didn’t go to S.S. Barbara sang a solo. Mary and Leona went to the show “That Certain Age.” I wrote to Lora.


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I’ve had a crick in my neck for awhile, so I can commiserate with her. Today was a late long shift, and I didn’t get off until 11:30pm. Before going in, my roommate’s parents stopped by with a professional organizer to evaluate clearing out the rest of this house, since we moved in and basically built a life around/on top of 90+ years of her grandparent’ belongings. After hearing her rates, I figured I am in the wrong business. But soon the house will be clear and all of this…stuff…can be lifted from our shoulders. It will be very interesting to watch her process, and I can’t wait to take the knowledge back to my own room full of stuff at my parents’ place in Arizona, since I didn’t exactly “purge” anything before leaving. Sorry, mom.