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double birthday

Tuesday, May 23, 1939
143rd Day–222 Days to Follow

Mary went to Tempe to take a Geography test.

Gertrude called.

The Mother-Daughter banquet was held. Bill and Inez played a duet.

Kenyon baby came.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today I share a birthday with Memo’s oldest daughter Mary. She’s in her 90s but still here, would still be driving and teaching if given the opportunity, and I’m trailing behind her at this new number 34.

This year was such a marked contrast from last, when so many friends and family members gathered and blew my mind with their presence. This year, quieter. Shared a celebration with my roommate’s sister, and a house full of family, but not my family. Leaving me feeling loved but ready to make my own life, my own family, traditions waiting to be created with someone new.

There was delicious food, a sparkly birthday cake, cards and gifts, and the all-day gift of rain. Waking and falling asleep to this late spring drizzle has been a present for my parched soul. Maybe something there will start to grow again.

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Veal, f’real

Wednesday, January 18, 1939

18th Day–347 Days to Follow

The quilters came & tacked my wool quilt. Present: Ronning, Stockton, Davis, Stewart, Gilley, Graves & Brown.

Had a big veal roast. Grace & Ronning brought pumpkin pies; Graves had salad & Gilley onions.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A wool quilt — how warm would that be?! We could use a little extra warmth around here, since I can’t seem to regulate the temperature very well. I bump up the thermostat on the gas stove and the living room and kitchen get to a blaring temperature, while the front and bedrooms are frigid. I’m looking forward to the days after the estate & garage sales, when we can use the other fireplace to heat this side of the house.


We got a little bit more snow today, but it was no snowmageddon as folks had predicted. Just light steady snow, probably another inch or two altogether. Which means we have 10 inches piled up, all of it still powdery soft. I took the dog out this morning and attempted to pull together the base for a snow person, but it just crumbled no matter how much I tried to pack it in. I abandoned that, but when my roommate (J) was sent home early from work we got the brilliant idea to ride our bikes up the street. Our very old bikes with very old tires. Up the still very snowy street, without a plow in sight. It was slow going, but we made it about four houses down before turning around and sliding our way back. No one was injured in the making of this 10 minutes of silliness. Later we braved the streets and drove to the store (in the same neighborhood as our house) to grab a pizza…quite a long way from veal roast and pumpkin pie, huh?


I spent some time online today, looking into articles on “progressive” Christianity sites. I chewed on one particularly frustrating article all day, then talked with my aunt about it over the phone, during our first of hopefully many weekly chats. I left “the church” quite a few years back…going on six now, I think, and have immersed myself in other cultures, which some might call counter-. So, when putting myself back into the Christian arena, I am continually shocked that “women in the church” is still a brand new conversation for so many folks. It’s disheartening, and then I remember how widespread the mindset is. How do we take the theory of inclusivity and apply it to an institution steeped in oppressive patriarchy? How can I even entertain thoughts of wanting to do work in reconciliation of oppressed people and “the church?” Do I have to choose one or the other? Because, at the moment, it feels like I must.

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Friday, January 6, 1939

6th Day–359 Days to Follow

Had a nice shower. Too wet to work outside. M.E. and I went to the Orpheum, and saw Jeanette McDonald & Nelson Eddy in “Sweethearts.” Got pork steaks and had more hot biscuits and gravy.

The League had a party. They went to Stewarts to make candy. Stocktons had dinner at Grace Stewart’s home.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

And now, of course, I’m searching for Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy videos… I’m impressed that Memo and Popo went together, all the way from Mesa, to the Orpheum in Phoenix. Wondering what car or truck they had at the time, and what route they took into town. I’ve been to the Orpheum at least once or twice, and most recently walked by it on my visit over Christmas. Now I regret not getting a picture of the gargoyles outside while we wandered around looking for the Occupy Phoenix camp. Funny to think that when they went to see the show on this night, the theatre was only 10 years old. Today it’s on the historic buildings register.

I’m wishing there was a bit more commentary in her entries. Did they enjoy the show? Was it a matinee or did they leave the kids at home and go at night? Did the shower drench the creosote and spread its most perfect scent into the air? If I could, I would bottle wet creosote and bring it with me here to Seattle. It’s funny how different the rain is here, how different everything smells. How, instead of the sweet smell of parched land getting a much-needed soak, everything here just smells sort of…damp, and moldy. I don’t think it rained here today, but there is a permanent wetness that exists everywhere. Not better, not worse, just different. But damn, do I love the clouds.

As for my day, it came and went without fanfare. I worked another short, rather steady shift, then shopped for the weekend and came home. I still haven’t made biscuits, since you do sort of need a gaggle of folks to appreciate them, but I warmed some acorn squash soup that I made in the fall and tossed in the freezer. No pork steaks, but some pre-made chicken, because sometimes it’s OK to visit the deli counter when it’s already 5 o’clock and you’ve only had an unsatisfying pb&j many hours before. Tomorrow there is time. Tomorrow I will juice some more and roast The Biggest Butternut Squash in the Universe. And tomorrow, maybe I will finally get done those things that are hanging over my head. I’m talking to you, statement of purpose and cover letters. Tomorrow is our day.

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Earache and pastries

Wednesday, January 4, 1939

4th Day–361 Days to Follow

Had the machine fixed. It cost $1.30. Went by to see Mrs. Stewart. Stanley had earache. Saw Mrs. Law, and invited her to Circle meeting.


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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I don’t know any of the people mentioned in Memo’s post, but it seems that not much is happening around the farm on this day 73 years ago. Or, at least, not much is written. But on this side the day began rainy and windy, and I drove south again toward the city, this time picking up a fellow volunteer in Bothell. She’s an interesting woman, and we got to chatting on the way down and back up again later in the afternoon. She and her husband have five children, most around my age, and they live in cooperative housing. Benefits and drawbacks, something I remember from living with a group of people in the past.

I spent most of the four volunteer hours doing data entry, and I found myself getting competitive…with myself. But the hours passed quickly and it felt good to be in the environment again. I got a little nostalgic when I saw the giant mint-green cambro containers full of pastries. Homeless folks + pastries…a frustrating combination for everyone, with the exception of those who do the donating. I could rant for hours here but I’m out of energy, probably due to some poor food choices earlier in the day. Apropos.

We did get to enjoy a nourishing dinner with my roommate’s parents, though: a version of green chili pork with guacamole and panela cheese. The conversation took a dark, but not entirely morbid tone, and we ended with a discussion about bucket lists over fruit & nut bread for dessert. Now it’s quiet and I’m sitting by the still-lit Christmas tree that we have vowed to keep up until I’m ready for it to come down. Tomorrow is a short shift at work and a deadline to finish my statement of purpose for grad school. The challenge will be to keep it under 500 words…

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What’s for supper?

Took eggs for $4.40
Monday, January 2, 1939
2nd Day–363 Days to Follow

I cut out my house-dress. Murray disked some oats in. Inez and I took the eggs to the hatchery. Had 10 doz., got $4.40. We visited Mrs. Ronning & Mrs. Leonard. Got pork steaks, and made hot biscuits for supper.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

I held off on writing until the evening today, since it seems like Memo’s entries all were written just before bed. And tonight, after a very busy shift, reading about her hot biscuits is terror to my empty stomach. I suppose I’ll find something to eat, but it makes me doubly sad never to have met my great-grandmother, after hearing of her farm-style cooking. I guess there’s some of her in me, through that trickle of bloodline three generations down. If only there was still some farm labor to do, to offset the heavy meals I feel so comfortable creating.

I didn’t visit anyone today, but rather caught up on pressing matters like mail and facebook from under covers in bed. I went to work, and worked hard, and now am home listening to whining wind outside and an equally shrill-barking dog inside. I’m off for the next two days, and hope to get in some volunteer time and make some heart-heavy decisions. Anyone up for a wisdom-sharing talk? I’m all ears.

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