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Busting out the Hi-Fi

Sunday, February 12, 1939
43rd Day–322 Days to Follow

We all went to church and S.S. Had a Lincoln Day service. Grace Stewart gave a poem at S.S. Telford gave the origin of Valentine. Several new couples were at church. Grace, Stanley, Dale & Ruth came home with us from church.

We had Rooster & Jam Cake, Avocado salad. Dale & Mary went to Wesley Foundation at Tempe. Graves & We (?) played Charlie McCarthy at Stewarts. Ruth spent the night here.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today I continued sorting through the last few untouched cabinets. I found an unopened drawer under the old drop-leaf table where Grandma K kept her oldest cookbooks. So many things around this house come from the time of my great-grandmother’s diary, though they must have been passed down a generation before finding a home here. One of them, The American Woman’s Cook Book, was published in 1939. I’m inspired to go through them and try to make some of the recipes, though I think I’ll pass on those containing chipped beef…

I made a list of pieces of furniture that I’d like to see hang around after the estate sale, since this place (hopefully) will be quite empty come April. The old hi-fi has been repurposed as our tv/dvd/modem/router stand, but I cleared off the top door and plugged it into the industrial-sized power strip. I opened the top, pulled on the knob and saw the lights blink on as the speakers popped to life. In the one-sided cabinet below I found some fantastic old lp albums, and decided to check out the needle with “Xavier Cugat Plays the Music of Ernesto Lecuona.” Even with only one functioning speaker, the music was rich and soulful, and led to the odd sense of nostalgia I was feeling; nostalgia for a time decades before I was born.

I continued browsing through the records and found a copy of Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald’s Sweethearts, which threw me off-guard. It’s funny how many things seem to have been picked up and placed here from my own family. I guess it’s just popular culture asserting its influence, even from 70 years ago. I think tomorrow I’ll peel the shrink wrap off the album and see what this Sweethearts phenomenon was all about.

I had a visit from J’s sister, her husband and their four kiddos in the early evening. I gave them each Valentine cookies with their names on them, and their oldest daughter decided the baby didn’t want the rest of hers, so she finished it off. Not surprisingly, she later said she wasn’t hungry when it was time for them to go home to dinner & bed, the little scamp.


Blackie the cat was back around this evening, as well as Fatty Paws this afternoon. I wonder how much longer Blackie will last, but she still has the ability to spook people. I hear Grandpa K had a particular fondness for her, and there are a few scattered dishes outside all labeled “Blackie K.” Four of the seven “stray” cats want in the house so badly, but are forced to stay outside due to family allergies. I think of how much I miss my cat, back home with my parents, and how I get Rufus update texts from my mom every now and then. In another time they all could have been farm cats, employed to keep down the pest population. Now I often think of them as tools to lower blood pressure…my my, how far we’ve come.

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Rain and seedlings

Wednesday, February 1, 1939
32nd Day–333 Days to Follow

I went to the woman’s club to help with a Rotary dinner. Served ham, cabbage, yams, salad & coffee. It sprinkled rain most all day. Mrs. Tice, Mrs. Isley and Mrs. Stumpf worked. Mesdawes Hartman, Stillwell and Justin Smith waited tables.

Went to see Mrs. Grimes.

M.E., Kirchoff and Gurther went to a board meeting at the church.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today seemed just a little sweeter, with the knowledge that I have very few of these weekdays off in the future. I delivered my two-week notice to the grocery store, then stuck around and bought some seed packets and peat pots to start some seedlings. I planted in a light drizzle that hung around all afternoon. I started organizing some of Grandpa K’s seed packets and planned what will be planted where and when for the new season. Inside I started basil, sweet marjoram, chives, Japanese eggplant, a few varieties of tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, daisies, a few varieties of peppers, and turnip greens. I even poked some holes in an old canning lid to create my own indoor watering jar. Now, remembering to keep them all moist will be the only challenge.

After J got home from work we went to her coworker’s house down the street to eat dinner and play on the Wii with her 12-year-old daughter. It was a blast, until I got a text from my mom saying my grandmother fell down and they were taking her to the ER back in Arizona. I feel helpless this far away. If I was home I’d surely be with them all at the hospital…I’m too neurotic not to know what is happening right away. Neurotic or nosy, one of the two. I’m still waiting to hear the results of the ct scan and x-rays, but I’m hoping everything is OK and she will just be sore for awhile. Even despite the new job and more hopeful outlook on moving up here, I feel like I’m on a bungee that can snap back at any minute. I knew moving up here was a risk, but I hate being so far away when someone’s health is compromised. I wonder if I’ll ever feel completely settled here, or anywhere, again.

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