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Portland delivers

Sunday, January 29, 1939
29th Day–336 Days to Follow

We all went to S.S. and church. The choir sang “He is Able.” Mr. Hall brought Mrs. Ler Harr to church. We went to hear W.R. Stewart to-night, on “Old Age Pensions.”

We took Mrs. Smith home. M.E. and Mary went to see “Marie Antoinette” Monday night. Grace & Dale were there.

Mary went to League.

Mrs. J.J. Huber was killed tonight.

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I don’t know who Mrs. J.J. Huber was in relation to my great-grandmother, but my heart was struck with sadness just the same. I guess it’s the word “killed,” rather than “died.” I’m left wondering morbid thoughts…car accident? Farm accident?

Sunday arrived in Portland the same as Saturday did – to the stomp stompings of little feet upstairs. We rambled on again over coffee, then decided to go out in the rain for biscuits. We ate outside Pine State Biscuits under the awning, everyone bundled up against the cold. After breakfast we all drove to OMSI to see the Body Worlds exhibit. Maven and I had the oldest daughter much of the time, and it was fun to see her excitement over all of the visible body parts, systems and functions. She was especially interested in all the butt-holes. Truthfully, I was, too.

The kids went back home for naps, so Maven and I returned to our yarn store tour of Portlandia, and we found a pretty great shop in Twisted. The right atmosphere, super friendly staff, great organization, wear-able samples…a great mix of everything. Later we got lost attempting to drive to a New Seasons grocery store off the beaten path, but finally found it. We picked up J, who had come along to see her sister & family south of Portland, then we made it back to Sellwood to enjoy a taco dinner with all the friends. J and I packed up to leave around 7:30, and drove home in frightening rain and wind, but finally made it home with only a few close calls.

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