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Driving around town

Friday, February 10, 1939
41st Day–324 Days to Follow

Murray had the car fixed. Mary drove it home. Bill Poeling brought M.E. home from the garage. Mae came for awhile.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Today I stuck around the house until time to pick up my check, then I drove up to the bank to have it deposited. I drove back home and got ready for work, and when I got there I found out it was to be my last shift. The night flew right by, and I said my goodbyes and “I promise to shop here”s and hit the road again. I stopped for a celebratory teriyaki takeaway from the shop up the street, then came home to the still, quiet house and settled in to finish the last of Breaking Bad.


Music and quilts

Tuesday, February 7, 1939
38th Day–327 Days to Follow

Murray and I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Grimes and Laura & Lee.

Mrs. Kirchoff gave me her quilt blocks.

I went to choir practice.

Elizabeth, Mrs. Graves and I were there. Jane played her composition.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Disciplined, I am not. I have a few abandoned projects waiting to be finished even since we moved to this house in July. I think I’d be a lot like Mrs. Kirchoff up there, handing over blocks that I inevitably failed to assemble into a quilt. My guitar sits in its case in the corner of my room, slowly falling out of tune again. Books are stacked eight-deep on my bedside table, and I haven’t finished even one. Well, just one. But it was short, and I can only just count it as a legitimate book. Sometimes I get caught up in needing to feel more productive than spending an afternoon reading might feel.

I’m calling shenanigans on myself and these silly made-up rules.

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Monday, sunny Monday

Monday, February 6, 1939
27th Day–328 Days to Follow

I cut out quilt blocks, and pieced seven. Mr. Nicholls came awhile. Leona’s birthday.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

The days have been sunny lately, so I’ve been out in the garden, pulling weeds and grass roots, waiting very impatiently to get seeds in the ground again. Work was slow, but I was able to reconnect with my roommate after her long weekend in Canada when I got home. Counting down the days to full-time, regular schedule…


Ball game show

Sunday, February 5, 1939
36th Day–329 Days to Follow

We all went to S.S. and church. Mr. & Mrs. Ronning and Betty Joe came home with us for dinner. We played Bridge afternoon & evening. Mary & Betty Joe went to league.

Billy went on a picnic with Kirchoffs to South Mts.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I had to work part of the day, and kept getting asked if I would get to watch the big game. I wasn’t into it this year, especially after being frustrated and offended by the commercials last time. Maybe next year I can suspend feminist outrage and watch the game again. Though, honestly, playing cards all afternoon and evening sounds like a better way to spend the day right now. I did have some heart-tugging moments of missing my family and the way we all would gather at my aunt’s house to watch the game together. Feeling isolated; what else is new?


The babes

Saturday, February 4, 1939
35th Day–330 Days to Follow

The babes had their music lessons.

Had a big rain, no work for Shorty today. Got some coal from the garage attic. Cold & rainy.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I love how she calls her two youngest children “the babes.”

It’s funny to think of my grandfather, a somewhat intimidating — but not at all unloving — man most of the time I knew him, as a young boy, taking music lessons that would someday eventually lead to his meeting my grandmother. We’ve all heard it, and hear it again nearly every time Debussy is heard in a movie soundtrack or in the middle of a store’s muzak station. How the dark-haired girl rounded the corner at church camp to see the red-haired boy gracefully make his way through Clair De Lune. How she had watched this irreverent boy riding in a car with his pastor, unabashedly smoking the whole way to and from camp. And, later, the snap of the photographer’s shutter that would capture the tea-length white lace dressed and grey suited couple laughing over the humble wedding cake the bride herself made, a cost-cutting decision that pained her mother.

How music–something likely thought of as a periphery expense, especially during the downtrodden 30s–and my great-grandparents’ decision to include it in their childrens’ education, ultimately led to everything I know of family.


Half a sick day

Thursday, February 2, 1939
33rd Day–332 Days to Follow

M.E. and Mary went to Tempe to get her books. I took Mrs. Hall to Kirchoff’s potluck Circle meeting. Had lots to eat and present: Kirchoff, Dobson, Fitch, Gurley, Dobson, Stephens, Schultz, Rawson, Gurtler, Patterson, Grimes, Tone, Wilson, Tone, Cummins, Wright, Mumford and Mrs. Law.

Visited Laura and Lee awhile. Mary and I worked on English. Had a very cold night. Gurley cow has a bull calf.

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Today the teasing cold hit me outright. I stayed in bed all day until I had to go to work, and I felt much better after all that rest and hours of drinking chicken broth and lemon-honey water. Work was fine, as it was a short shift from late afternoon to mid evening. Already people have heard “gossip” about me leaving, though it’s not really a secret. It’s funny…there hasn’t been much time at all in the last two months to establish any real friendships there, but, nonetheless, folks seem sad that I’m leaving. Good thing I live so close to the store – I’m sure I’ll be back often to shop and catch up with people.

J went to Canada early since things are slow at her place of work. The night was cold and quiet, so I returned to bed to work toward a full recovery. This cold will not prevail, so help me.



Back to work

Tuesday, January 31, 1939
31st Day–334 Days to Follow

Mary, M.E. and I went to Phoenix. Got him a new suit. Came back by the church to set tables. Went home, fried donuts, and came back to the mission exhibit & talk on Burma. Good crowd there. Got Mary shoes in Phoenix.

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Today was another work day, though I started kind of late. I cruised through the first couple of hours and ran upstairs to check my phone: nothing. Checked again on lunch: nothing. I sat down with a heavy heart and the phone immediately began to ring. I walked into the back room to answer and finally heard what I’d been hoping for since before Christmas – that the job in Everett is mine. Instantly my mood lifted and my headache even abated a little bit. The rest of work was easier to handle, even with screaming children and cranky folks needing groceries at the end of their long work days.

I came home and celebrated a bit with J, then we tried to finish United States of Tara but fell short by three episodes. She’s off to Canada this weekend, so we’ll have to wait until next week to find out how they wrap up all of the craziness by the series finale.

Funny, too,  I was thinking I wanted to make donuts.

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When do you start your week?

Sunday, January 22, 1939

22 Day–343 Days to Follow

We all went to SS & church. Mrs. Tway was there.

Stewarts & Ronnings came and we ate dinner together. Played “Rook.”

Marion Donaldson led the league.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

It was a super productive morning around here, making up for a slacker Saturday. The house is quiet with my roommate gone up to Canada, but I woke up early to finish household chores like dishes and sweeping, and I also did some laundry. How glad I am that laundry no longer takes an entire day, as I’m sure it must have for Memo.

I worked a late shift and came home to a clean house, which eased my guilt as I eased my arse back into my chair to watch a little tv. Tomorrow the organizer comes again, bright and early, so there will be more household work to do. I’m also hoping to finish up little projects and mail things out, to take advantage of this week off and not just fritter it away. The snow is almost gone, so the roads are fully drivable again. I need to get new windshield wipers, though, since mine are leftover from Arizona, and they’re in pretty crappy condition. That just won’t do around here, now, will it? Also, what is up with the work week starting on a Sunday? My work schedule keeps messing with my already fragile brain.

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Catching up

Saturday, January 21, 1939

21st Day–344 Days to Follow

Dale’s 19th birthday.

Took Grace some meat, and Mrs. Graves also.

Billy & Inez had their music.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Another slacker day yesterday. I worked a full shift, came home and immediately sat down. That was pretty much the kiss of death, especially since I wore my rainboots all day. All I remember of the night is another documentary and leftover tikka masala; I passed out cold by 9:30 p.m. #winning

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Back to our regularly scheduled blogging…

Friday, January 20, 1939
20th Day–345 Days to Follow

Billy & Inez missed the bus. I took them to school. Stopped to see Lee and Laura. Stayed till 11 o’clock. I made coconut pies.

Mrs. Dorman called on me. She took Dot to see Knights.

Willard plowed the Nicholl’s land today. I hemmed the wool quilt.

Friday, January 20, 2012

“A time of innocence…” Been listening to Simon & Garfunkel a lot lately. The songs “Old Friends” and “Bookends Theme” get stuck in a loop inside my head. I think of my grandpa, as a red-haired little eight-year-old, dawdling around with his sister on a crisp Friday morning, missing the bus. His mother stands at the window and, perhaps, watches the bus load up the other neighborhood kids, and decides to let the two take a little bit more time for breakfast…

I don’t even know if our city buses ran today. The roads were slick and slushy, grey-brown ashy snow cluttering the gutters. I worked a short shift right in the middle of the day and sent sad “it’s all melting” texts on break. When I got home I watched a couple of documentaries and did laundry for the weekend. I’m somehow off all next week, though I only asked for Friday and the weekend to go to Portland to visit a friend. Something has to change…I can’t live on fewer than 30 hours a week, and 6.5 will just about break me.

Off we go into the weekend. I think, of the snow, only my pictures will still be around by Monday.

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