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Snow Day and Groceries

Saturday, January 14, 1939
14th Day–351 Days to Follow

Murray went to Mesa to get some groceries. I washed a big washing. Billy & Inez had their
music lessons
. Mary rode horseback. The preacher called on Grimes, Gatliff’s & us. Laura, Lee & Billy came. We played checkers.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today we woke up early to get things ready for the organizers to come in and do their thing. Getting ready around here means brewing a big pot of coffee, frying bacon and running down the street to get donuts. On the drive, my roommate commented “It feels like snow.” And snow it did, after a few hours of raining. We got a lot of work done in the garage, sorting through to make an estate sale pile and a garage sale/donate pile. The place is looking good, except for my room, since I keep hauling in boxes of things like blank paper and old road maps. I’m not a hoarder. No I’m not.

Ahem. We also went grocery shopping, driving down to Everett to Trader Joe’s and then back up to my store to get the bulk of our stuffs. It was a madhouse, everyone loading up for the white out…which amounted to barely a patch of stuck snow on the ground by the end of the day. But we shall see how the world glistens tomorrow…

We finished the day emptying old jars of canned goods that had been put by in the early 2000s, and the 90s, and even a couple as far back as ’79…32-year-old jam, anyone? It was a satisfying, if kinda messy, task. Now the jars have all been run through the wash on super hot and are ready for someone else, somewhere down the road. That and a couple of episodes of United States of Tara ended the “together” part of the day.

Later in the evening I started tackling even more belated Christmas gifts, which now shall be called early Anna Howard Shaw Day gifts. I found a downloadable Photoshop file of some Polaroid frames through pinterest, then added some instagram pictures and spent the evening printing and cutting inch-high mini polaroids to turn into magnets. The hard part (I think) is done. If we can drive around tomorrow I’ll get magnet sheets and packing tape to finish them off. They were fairly quick and pretty fun to make, so I’m calling it a success and a night. Here’s to a proper lie-in tomorrow. *clink!*

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