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Bake, bake, bake

Saturday, February 11, 1939
42nd Day–323 Days to Follow

Billy & Inez had their music lessons.

Mary had a permanent today at Mrs. Crum’s.

Murray & the youngsters went to Mesa. They got their valentines. I baked a Jam Cake.

Billy & Inez played two duets and a solo each on the recital. Mrs. Dayton and June went with us to the 3rd Ward.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Officially “between jobs” again, but only for a few days this time, thankfully. Today I did very important things like taking inventory of the pantry. As I had hoped, this led to discoveries of small amounts of this and that, so I set to work cleaning up and baking things from the odds & ends.

First I made granola, which I sweetened/moistened with some carrot & apple juice, since I’m still trying to use that 25 pound bag of carrots in the garage fridge. I think I’m down to 20 pounds now? Ah, well. They’ll become compost eventually. Next I used some of the carrot/apple pulp to make carrot cake layers, and used the rest of the batter for carrot cupcakes. On the other side of the kitchen I had the mixer out to do the work of creaming butter and sugar for sugar cookie valentines.

Somehow I managed to get everything baked off, decorate the cookies and still watch a couple of movies to round out the evening. The movies I’ll admit to watching were Howl and The Motorcycle Diaries. As for Morning Glory…well, sometimes you need a little fluff every now and then, right?

Of course, now all I want is a jam cake. Or her recipe, at least.