Giving in

Wednesday, February 8, 1939
39th Day–326 Days to Follow

I went to Woman’s Club to help cook the Rotary dinner. Mrs. Tice and Mrs. Spillsbury & Mrs. Stumpf worked also. They had chicken in patty shells. Mrs. Justin Smith, Mrs. Richard Love, and Mrs. Sherman Ganette waited tables. It is misting rain. M.E. went to see Crisman. The exhaust pipe broke. Billy left his jacket on the bus. We went after it and Mary.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It was misting rain today here as well. I tilled the garden again, pulling up even more offensive weeds and grass roots. The puppy helped, and got in some good exercise time racing around the yard and running through the nice till marks I had created.

The organizers were back for what I think to be the last time. There was a small battle of wills, and I felt judged for wanting to hold onto some newspapers from the 30s, but after a few moments I conceded and just let them go into the recycle pile. Not before I rescued some old blank Valentine cards, though. Baby steps, right?

J and I went to the store to get some things for dinner, and her dad joined us for turkey tacos with more condiments than could fit in a corn tortilla. After Pops left we finally finished watching United States of Tara, and planned a night out & about for Thursday.


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