Half a sick day

Thursday, February 2, 1939
33rd Day–332 Days to Follow

M.E. and Mary went to Tempe to get her books. I took Mrs. Hall to Kirchoff’s potluck Circle meeting. Had lots to eat and present: Kirchoff, Dobson, Fitch, Gurley, Dobson, Stephens, Schultz, Rawson, Gurtler, Patterson, Grimes, Tone, Wilson, Tone, Cummins, Wright, Mumford and Mrs. Law.

Visited Laura and Lee awhile. Mary and I worked on English. Had a very cold night. Gurley cow has a bull calf.

– – – – – + – – – –  -+ – – – – – + – – – – –

Today the teasing cold hit me outright. I stayed in bed all day until I had to go to work, and I felt much better after all that rest and hours of drinking chicken broth and lemon-honey water. Work was fine, as it was a short shift from late afternoon to mid evening. Already people have heard “gossip” about me leaving, though it’s not really a secret. It’s funny…there hasn’t been much time at all in the last two months to establish any real friendships there, but, nonetheless, folks seem sad that I’m leaving. Good thing I live so close to the store – I’m sure I’ll be back often to shop and catch up with people.

J went to Canada early since things are slow at her place of work. The night was cold and quiet, so I returned to bed to work toward a full recovery. This cold will not prevail, so help me.



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