So much catch up

Saturday, January 28, 1939
28th Day–337 Days to Follow

Billy & Inez had their music lessons. It is a very windy cold day.

M.E. & babes went to town. Mary L. Johnson stopped to tell me to vote. Her car stalled in front of the house. I finished my new house dress, mended several garments.

Gwen & Jimmy got married.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

First morning in Portland with friends from Phoenix, and we woke to the awesome sounds of 6, 4 and 2 year old feet running around upstairs. We lingered over coffee and gluten-free rainbow cupcakes (that um, smelled like, well, farts), then decided to head over to the Waffle Window for a proper PDX breakfast. After downing waffles topped with roasted vegetables, lemon chevre and bacon, we wandered along Hawthorne in and out of many of the shops along the way. Vintage digs, yarn stores, coffee stores, and more vintage digs, where I bought a couple of not-at-all vintage bird stickers. The kiddos all went home for naps, but Maven and I refueled at Potato Champion (with poutine and pulled pork french fries), then drove over to Powell’s…which is kinda like* my Mecca.

After a couple of hours lost in the city of books, we met some friends for drinks at a McMenamins place downtown, then headed over to get Lebanese food, again on Hawthorne. Great food, great conversation, and great blisters on feet after all day in sub-par rainboots. We crashed out in the basement with the super cuddly cats, who purred and stole blankets from us all night. Pretty perfect.

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