Back to work

Tuesday, January 31, 1939
31st Day–334 Days to Follow

Mary, M.E. and I went to Phoenix. Got him a new suit. Came back by the church to set tables. Went home, fried donuts, and came back to the mission exhibit & talk on Burma. Good crowd there. Got Mary shoes in Phoenix.

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Today was another work day, though I started kind of late. I cruised through the first couple of hours and ran upstairs to check my phone: nothing. Checked again on lunch: nothing. I sat down with a heavy heart and the phone immediately began to ring. I walked into the back room to answer and finally heard what I’d been hoping for since before Christmas – that the job in Everett is mine. Instantly my mood lifted and my headache even abated a little bit. The rest of work was easier to handle, even with screaming children and cranky folks needing groceries at the end of their long work days.

I came home and celebrated a bit with J, then we tried to finish United States of Tara but fell short by three episodes. She’s off to Canada this weekend, so we’ll have to wait until next week to find out how they wrap up all of the craziness by the series finale.

Funny, too,  I was thinking I wanted to make donuts.

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