Early to bed…

Friday, January 27, 1939
27th Day–338 Days to Follow

Mrs. Spain’s birthday.

I did a lot of sewing and mending. Went to school to get the kids. Took Mary to Stockton’s to go to league Institute at Glendale. Went to see Grace Stewart. Stopped to see Mrs. Grimes. Saw the Gurtlers.

We went to bed at seven.

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Friday, January 27, 1939

Got a late start but then the day kicked into overdrive in the afternoon. Picked up my paycheck & schedule, then got the call from a hopeful potential employer that they needed to check references, so returned to the store to let them know in person. Went to the bank in Smokey Point, then went home to make rainbow cupcakes for a friend’s first visit to Portlandia.

When J got home we packed up the pup and the car and then proceeded to get stuck in traffic for the next hour and a half. We finally made it a little over four hours later…more than an hour longer than normal.

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