“Citizens for Boysenberry Jam”

Took 10 doz. eggs for $3.60

Monday, January 23, 1939

23rd Day–342 Days to Follow

Laura, Lee & Melva came. I called on Mrs. Grimes.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

One question that bristles up my defenses is “what did you do all day?” It could be the tiny word “all” in there, an implication that what ever I “did” must be sufficient enough to fill “all.” I hated especially when a former roommate of mine would ask that during a time of unemployment after being in school full time and working part time. My days before always had been busy — running to and fro, writing papers and news stories and visiting family and reading all the things. But then came the degree with no attached profession. And a fondness for clicking links on the internet while listening to music on repeat, ad infinitum. I believe I did, once, attempt to explain why this seemingly innocent six-word query was something I dreaded hearing each evening. When asked in a different way the question lost its ugly power over me. What can I say? Semantics means everything*. That BA doesn’t say “Linguistics” for nothing, dammit.

Enter this first in an apparent string of seven days off. Seven. WTF will I “do” with “all” this time? Well, even if there’s little to record, as apparently there was on this Monday back in the day, I’mma “do” the shit out of them.

In measurable accounts, today I ran necessary errands like driving down the street to the automotive store for new wiper blades, and up the street to get half & half and ice cream. Ok, I got oranges, too. Full-fat dairy may make up about 67% of our grocery purchases, but at least we’ll get some natural vitamin C. I also cooked a giant pot of lentil soup stew slop and baked a second attempt at french bread. My loaves are crooked and a little dense. How ’bout yours? I also cleaned the kitchen and hung out with near the professional organizers while they did their thing. Oh, and I ordered some stuff I actually needed online with free shipping. And I watched an important documentary about the representation of women in US media. So, even though I also opened up a current total of 27 tabs on four pages and a word doc for drafting purposes, and listened to Simon & Garfunkel’s Bookends at least eight times through today, I am counting this day as fking productive.


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