When do you start your week?

Sunday, January 22, 1939

22 Day–343 Days to Follow

We all went to SS & church. Mrs. Tway was there.

Stewarts & Ronnings came and we ate dinner together. Played “Rook.”

Marion Donaldson led the league.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

It was a super productive morning around here, making up for a slacker Saturday. The house is quiet with my roommate gone up to Canada, but I woke up early to finish household chores like dishes and sweeping, and I also did some laundry. How glad I am that laundry no longer takes an entire day, as I’m sure it must have for Memo.

I worked a late shift and came home to a clean house, which eased my guilt as I eased my arse back into my chair to watch a little tv. Tomorrow the organizer comes again, bright and early, so there will be more household work to do. I’m also hoping to finish up little projects and mail things out, to take advantage of this week off and not just fritter it away. The snow is almost gone, so the roads are fully drivable again. I need to get new windshield wipers, though, since mine are leftover from Arizona, and they’re in pretty crappy condition. That just won’t do around here, now, will it? Also, what is up with the work week starting on a Sunday? My work schedule keeps messing with my already fragile brain.

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