Thursday, January 19, 1939
19th Day–346 Days to Follow

Mrs. Hirchoff and I were on the tea committee, for missionary society. The W.C.T.U. woman was the guest speaker. Present: Donaldson, Kirchoff, Conger, Wright, Davisson, Dobson, Pulsifer, Ohio speaker, Holcomb, Patterson, Graves, Brown, Davis, Stockton, and Stewart. Brack.

I called on Mrs. Grimes, paid light bill, and mailed the magazine orders. Talked to Mrs. Jensen. Murray & I went to the Graves party. Played Dumbbell. I set my first hen.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I admit, I skipped writing yesterday. Mo excuses, let’s all just move on and try not to let it happen again.

Everyone called an official Snow Day, so my roommate and I both got to tackle some things at home while drinking mulled wine all day. (W.C.T.U., Memo? I wonder what your personal views were on the subject…) This made for two kind of sicky-feeling grrrls later on in the morning, but we made chicken tikka masala for lunch and were pretty much back to normal after that.

Before it got too cold and dark we took a walk around the neighborhood. The snow and ice at least doubled our time, but it was fun to be out of the house and to see how many others were out escaping the stir-craziness. For the following half hour we dug my car out from under 8 inches of snow, then 2 inches of ice, and I slowly drove us to the gas station on a trial run for work in the morning. It is a little fun, even if I was all white knuckles, sliding around on the neighborhood roads. We made it safely home and went to bed early, anticipating a regular work day to follow.

Um, what, on earth, is setting a hen?

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