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Friday, January 20, 1939
20th Day–345 Days to Follow

Billy & Inez missed the bus. I took them to school. Stopped to see Lee and Laura. Stayed till 11 o’clock. I made coconut pies.

Mrs. Dorman called on me. She took Dot to see Knights.

Willard plowed the Nicholl’s land today. I hemmed the wool quilt.

Friday, January 20, 2012

“A time of innocence…” Been listening to Simon & Garfunkel a lot lately. The songs “Old Friends” and “Bookends Theme” get stuck in a loop inside my head. I think of my grandpa, as a red-haired little eight-year-old, dawdling around with his sister on a crisp Friday morning, missing the bus. His mother stands at the window and, perhaps, watches the bus load up the other neighborhood kids, and decides to let the two take a little bit more time for breakfast…

I don’t even know if our city buses ran today. The roads were slick and slushy, grey-brown ashy snow cluttering the gutters. I worked a short shift right in the middle of the day and sent sad “it’s all melting” texts on break. When I got home I watched a couple of documentaries and did laundry for the weekend. I’m somehow off all next week, though I only asked for Friday and the weekend to go to Portland to visit a friend. Something has to change…I can’t live on fewer than 30 hours a week, and 6.5 will just about break me.

Off we go into the weekend. I think, of the snow, only my pictures will still be around by Monday.

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