Monday, January 16, 1939

16th Day–349 Days to Follow

Murray killed the calf. I washed blouses, sweaters and did all the ironing. Too tired to see Tillie.

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Monday, January 16, 2012


Sometimes I’m shocked by how removed I am from the everyday tasks that folks just a couple of generations ago performed without much of a thought. Killed the calf? Just another Monday. Did the washing and all the ironing? I’d be too tired to see Tillie, too. Hell, I was “too tired” to post, after working four hours and making dinner and breakfasts for the week. Lame.


It continues to snow, so driving to work was a little bit of a challenge. I slid around a bit, but made it in plenty of time. I kept peeking out the doors every time my lane slowed down, and it never really stopped snowing. From where I sit today (Tuesday), the sky is dropping fat flakes. We’re easily at six inches, and it’s still very much coming down. I have baking and cooking to do, but I just want to go play in it…

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