Play Day

Sunday, January 15, 1939
15th Day–350 Days to Follow

No church service today. I played ball with the boys. Went to see Mrs. Grimes. Saw Mrs. Hall and Lucille. Had guinea for supper.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

No church service? Sounds like a play day back then as well.

Around here, a slight bit of snow stuck to the ground overnight, but the flurries really picked up in the late morning. I channeled some Memo and baked off some hot biscuits, then crawled back into my warm bed to read. When my roommate J emerged from her room we assessed the look of the streets and decided to chance a drive down to Seattle. We layered up and headed south, with a destination of Daniel Smith art supply store.

We hit a bad patch of ice highway at a snail’s pace and it took a good extra half an hour to get down to the industrial part of town, down below the bridge to West Seattle. We scored a few great things to make art, then I ran over to a hole in the fence to get a picture of a snowy train as it slowly chugged along. Our plan of making it up to Capitol Hill for early dinner was thwarted by a few sticky, stuck minutes on the offramp, and a couple of nice gentlemen jumped out of their cars to push us along our way. It was good practice driving in the icy slushy stuff, and I didn’t get too scared or stressed. We jumped back on the 5 toward home, then kept going until Smokey Point, where I introduced J to conveyer-belt-style sushi. A couple of hours later we were headed home, full after a weekend of work and catching-up conversations. Tomorrow back to regular life, only whiter.

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