Thursday, January 12, 1939

12th Day–353 Days to Follow

Missionary meeting at Leyda’s today. Mrs. Fee and I served tea. Present were Bendick, Tone, Wilson, Tone, Mumford, Patterson, Stockton, North, Stewart, Cummins, Holcomb, Stewart, Prince, Conger, Sargent, Rev. Stockton, Leyda, Dobson.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Accidentally fell asleep before posting last night, so two entries for today. My morning was rather quiet and restful, then I worked a late-ish long shift at the grocery store. I came home and crashed…most likely because I haven’t made any real food in days. I really need to get on top of that, since “nachos for dinner” helps no one, and I’m fooling myself to think that half a jar of salsa (more like salt-sa…ugh) is equivalent to a serving or two of vegetables. I mean, our school system seems to think so, but, unfortunately, that’s no model of nutrition.

I go back to work in about an hour, when I’ll pick up my paycheck and next week’s schedule. I’m crossing fingers for Sunday off, but I can almost guarantee it will be an early shift. I’ll have to stick around after work tonight to do some shopping so I can cook and fill the fridge with easily packable, easily eatable meals for the week. And maybe I’ll address that whole “I’mma join a gym” resolution-type-thing. Energy breeds energy, right?

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