Fridays the Thirteenth

Friday, January 13, 1939

13th Day–352 Days to Follow

I went to the Graves home to a Quilting Bee. Present: Pendelton, Brown, Graves, Stockton, Davis, Ronning, Patterson & Stewart.

– – – – – + – – – – – + – – – – – + – – – – –

How long does a Quilting Bee last? And, more importantly, did they eat pork and hot biscuits again for dinner?

Not such an unlucky day, as I went in to get my schedule and found out I have Sunday off as well as Saturday. A whole weekend? When my roommate’s in town? It’s like the real Christmas, just come a little bit late. I worked a short shift and did some quick shopping, then came home to our still-holiday-decorated house. We decided to use a gift card that my roommate’s sister had given us for babysitting earlier in the week, so we headed across the highway and loaded up on soup, salad and breadsticks…and an appetizer and a drink each. And I’m still uncomfortably full, two hours later. : / I guess it’s really time to get on top of food, instead of running to catch up.

This weekend will involve purging the leftover grandparents’ stuff with the professional organizer, then hopefully a trip to get sushi and a trek down to Seattle. I’m hoping we stick it out on Capitol Hill for the day and pop in to the Value Village…mama needs a new pair of shoes, for reals.


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