Retro food

Monday, January 9, 1939

9th Day–356 Days to Follow

I went to help Mrs. VanSpanckeren cart the dishes to the Woman’s Club building. Everything was pretty. Grapefruit with a cherry in the middle. Murray went to see Gatliff. We had chicken and dumplings & pumpkin pie. Made oatmeal cookies.

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Ok, now she’s just taunting me, right? I mean, the in-every-cookbook-since-the-invention-of-the-printing-press grapefruit-with-a cherry-in-the-middle, not so much. But chicken and dumplings? Pumpkin pie? Oatmeal cookies? Tomorrow, we bake.

My day was restful. A little too restful. I accidentally slept in until, well, just before noon. : / But I’m making headway on belated Christmas gifts. Wait, that doesn’t make me sound very good, either. What’s that? Statement of Purpose, you ask? Let me just direct you to this picture of the hummus plate I made for dinner.

There now, isn’t that pretty? Are we all sufficiently distracted? Welcome to my life.

I guess we should start taking this crispy Christmas tree down now, since the professional organizer comes back with her crew on Saturday. I wonder if I can strip all the needles off myself and use them for mulch… Dammit. I need three more of me. Or maybe a broken internet connection. Good g-d, no, I take that back.

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