Saturday, January 7, 1939

7th Day–358 Days to Follow

I took Mary to the bus, for Phoenix. She saw “Sweethearts” at the Orpheum. I saw Grace Stewart, and ate lunch with them. Came home and made a pot of soup. M.E. searched for his car title, and found it.

Billy ate at Masterson’s.

Arthur’s birthday. He is getting married tonight.

I got a shoulder roast for Sunday.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What kind of soup? Where was Inez today? How raspy was my grandpa’s voice as an eight-year-old? I wish there were pictures to go along with these few words from each day. Or a time machine. Or a transmogrifier. Something.

I worked a late, short shift today and tried to be more productive toward writing those blasted cover letters and the SoP, but instead I focused on cleaning the house. Work was pretty normal, except the sleeves of this work shirt (a white button-up found at the thrift store) don’t button, and so, don’t unbutton to roll up. Having that extra six inches of arm covered made for a very hot day, even though it was quite chilly and rainy outside. My next day off will have to be devoted to finding more work shirts…

In other news, I finished catching up on all seasons of Parks & Rec, and have moved on to finishing Party Down. I’m also reading some Annie Dillard and have a copy of the daunting “The Myth of Sisyphus” on my nightstand. I think I’ll move my phone to the other side of the room, so I don’t “accidentally” start checking social media on a whim and get sucked into the black hole of tumblr. I wonder what books Memo read, and if she even had time to read. Also, what did they listen to on the radio?

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