Friday, January 6, 1939

6th Day–359 Days to Follow

Had a nice shower. Too wet to work outside. M.E. and I went to the Orpheum, and saw Jeanette McDonald & Nelson Eddy in “Sweethearts.” Got pork steaks and had more hot biscuits and gravy.

The League had a party. They went to Stewarts to make candy. Stocktons had dinner at Grace Stewart’s home.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

And now, of course, I’m searching for Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy videos… I’m impressed that Memo and Popo went together, all the way from Mesa, to the Orpheum in Phoenix. Wondering what car or truck they had at the time, and what route they took into town. I’ve been to the Orpheum at least once or twice, and most recently walked by it on my visit over Christmas. Now I regret not getting a picture of the gargoyles outside while we wandered around looking for the Occupy Phoenix camp. Funny to think that when they went to see the show on this night, the theatre was only 10 years old. Today it’s on the historic buildings register.

I’m wishing there was a bit more commentary in her entries. Did they enjoy the show? Was it a matinee or did they leave the kids at home and go at night? Did the shower drench the creosote and spread its most perfect scent into the air? If I could, I would bottle wet creosote and bring it with me here to Seattle. It’s funny how different the rain is here, how different everything smells. How, instead of the sweet smell of parched land getting a much-needed soak, everything here just smells sort of…damp, and moldy. I don’t think it rained here today, but there is a permanent wetness that exists everywhere. Not better, not worse, just different. But damn, do I love the clouds.

As for my day, it came and went without fanfare. I worked another short, rather steady shift, then shopped for the weekend and came home. I still haven’t made biscuits, since you do sort of need a gaggle of folks to appreciate them, but I warmed some acorn squash soup that I made in the fall and tossed in the freezer. No pork steaks, but some pre-made chicken, because sometimes it’s OK to visit the deli counter when it’s already 5 o’clock and you’ve only had an unsatisfying pb&j many hours before. Tomorrow there is time. Tomorrow I will juice some more and roast The Biggest Butternut Squash in the Universe. And tomorrow, maybe I will finally get done those things that are hanging over my head. I’m talking to you, statement of purpose and cover letters. Tomorrow is our day.

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One thought on “Sweethearts

  1. […] the records and found a copy of Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald’s Sweethearts, which threw me off-guard. It’s funny how many things seem to have been picked up and placed here from my own family. I […]

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