Roll call

Thursday, January 5, 1939

5th Day–360 Days to Follow

Our Aid Circle met here. Present: Rawson, Asher, Nesbitt, Jones, Holcomb, Bendick, Stewart, Donaldson, Cummins, Kirchoff, Sargent, Gurtler, Grimes, Hall, Fitch, Shultz, Law, Gurley, and Patterson.

Mrs. Stewart gave a reading. Mrs. Grimes, Inez & I made cookies. Mary went to the Library to study. We all went to Knights, tonight.


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My day was slightly productive, with errands to get gas and return a crock pot. I did some juicing this morning, but had forgotten just how much produce is needed to get a large quantity of juice. Right now I’m rationing it like it’s liquid gold…hoping to make it last through tomorrow. I worked a short shift and came home to a cold and quiet house. Not much else today, except catching up a bit with a friend after her holiday vacation. As for this project, I’m a little bit sad that this is a leap year and our days will be out of synch soon. I also wonder what this circle aided…

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