Earache and pastries

Wednesday, January 4, 1939

4th Day–361 Days to Follow

Had the machine fixed. It cost $1.30. Went by to see Mrs. Stewart. Stanley had earache. Saw Mrs. Law, and invited her to Circle meeting.


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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I don’t know any of the people mentioned in Memo’s post, but it seems that not much is happening around the farm on this day 73 years ago. Or, at least, not much is written. But on this side the day began rainy and windy, and I drove south again toward the city, this time picking up a fellow volunteer in Bothell. She’s an interesting woman, and we got to chatting on the way down and back up again later in the afternoon. She and her husband have five children, most around my age, and they live in cooperative housing. Benefits and drawbacks, something I remember from living with a group of people in the past.

I spent most of the four volunteer hours doing data entry, and I found myself getting competitive…with myself. But the hours passed quickly and it felt good to be in the environment again. I got a little nostalgic when I saw the giant mint-green cambro containers full of pastries. Homeless folks + pastries…a frustrating combination for everyone, with the exception of those who do the donating. I could rant for hours here but I’m out of energy, probably due to some poor food choices earlier in the day. Apropos.

We did get to enjoy a nourishing dinner with my roommate’s parents, though: a version of green chili pork with guacamole and panela cheese. The conversation took a dark, but not entirely morbid tone, and we ended with a discussion about bucket lists over fruit & nut bread for dessert. Now it’s quiet and I’m sitting by the still-lit Christmas tree that we have vowed to keep up until I’m ready for it to come down. Tomorrow is a short shift at work and a deadline to finish my statement of purpose for grad school. The challenge will be to keep it under 500 words…

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