What’s for supper?

Took eggs for $4.40
Monday, January 2, 1939
2nd Day–363 Days to Follow

I cut out my house-dress. Murray disked some oats in. Inez and I took the eggs to the hatchery. Had 10 doz., got $4.40. We visited Mrs. Ronning & Mrs. Leonard. Got pork steaks, and made hot biscuits for supper.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

I held off on writing until the evening today, since it seems like Memo’s entries all were written just before bed. And tonight, after a very busy shift, reading about her hot biscuits is terror to my empty stomach. I suppose I’ll find something to eat, but it makes me doubly sad never to have met my great-grandmother, after hearing of her farm-style cooking. I guess there’s some of her in me, through that trickle of bloodline three generations down. If only there was still some farm labor to do, to offset the heavy meals I feel so comfortable creating.

I didn’t visit anyone today, but rather caught up on pressing matters like mail and facebook from under covers in bed. I went to work, and worked hard, and now am home listening to whining wind outside and an equally shrill-barking dog inside. I’m off for the next two days, and hope to get in some volunteer time and make some heart-heavy decisions. Anyone up for a wisdom-sharing talk? I’m all ears.

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