To the city

Tuesday, January 3, 1939
3rd Day–362 Days to Follow

Murray took the machine to be fixed. The man was away & he brought it back home. Mary & I went to choir practice. Jane, Mrs. Bendick, Miss Steinacker, Stockton, Mary and I were there. The children went back to school after Xmas holidays.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today felt a little less futile, probably because it was my first day off in a few days and because I traveled down to Seattle to do some volunteer work. Being able to help folks again, more than just answering questions like “Where is the cold medicine?” gave my soul a bit of a needed jolt. I stayed only a couple of hours, but that was enough to get a few edge-of-the-eye tears going, something I recently found out I inherited from Murray up above. It seems we both have/had been afflicted by crocodile tears when laughing, and mine, lately have been out of control – speckling my glasses with tiny salt licks almost every day. When I laugh, I cry. When I smile wide, I cry. And when I actually do cry, it’s like a fountain. At least I finally know it’s genetics, and that I’m not just really broken.

After the volunteer shift ended I drove up to Capitol Hill and worked on perfecting that whole backwards-slanty parking thing. I stopped in for a couple of slices of pizza, then used up the rest of my meter time at Elliott Bay Book Co., wandering around wishing I had all the money to buy, and all the time to read, all the books in the place. I walked out with two for myself and a bargain book for my cousin, who is really more sister than cousin. I headed home and pre-made food for tomorrow – dinner with the roommate’s parents, and owners of the home where we live. Tonight the house is quiet and cold, but the inside of my heart feels a little bit warmer, a bit more hopeful for what is to come in the next six months (or however long we have) of living here.

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